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About Us

Elizabethan Productions was created in part to address a need for creative and unique greeting cards through the use of photographic images that truly do make the thought count.

It gave us the opportunity to celebrate our history both at a personal level utilizing vintage images of family and friends as well as through iconic, authentic images of Cowgirls and Cowboys celebrating a bygone era unique to our heritage. This celebration of the Cowgirl is further evidenced in the Donna Howell Sickles fine art collection of cards. The Luke Tornatzky fine art collection touches on our passion for all things maritime.

Elizabethan Productions

Who we are:

We're the lucky ones for whom life is an adventure, constantly mining for new and interesting images, collaborating on each card, its design and greeting; and mostly in getting to know, work with and support the many retailers, resellers and reps that comprise our industry.

Elizabeth Gregerson
Creative designer and inspiration behind the company.
Tom Gregerson
Business development and operations behind the inspiration.
Buff Gregerson
Leader of the pack. While we may juggle many balls in the air at once, Buff much prefers to chase after and retrieve them.

EP Greeting Cards are Made in the USA, with eco-friendly recycled paper and soy-based inks.

Elizabethan Productions
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